Whoa-What Happened!

Whoa-What Happened!

Perhaps I have become more emotional as I age. I know one thing. My brain creates full color action packed dreams that I remember for a while in the mornings. One night I had this awful dream in which I was taken to an indoctrination center by ‘friends’. In this indoctrination program I was drugged and ‘trained’ to want no freedom, learn a new language, and believe in another god. The people in this dream are clear to me. What stood out the most was that everything was in black and white when usually my dreams are in color. When I awoke I remembered my dream so vividly, I went to the computer and wrote it all down.

My husband, John, and I have been financially struggling since he lost his job in 2009. He was 59 and unable to find work, therefore our income dropped down to one third of our previous year’s income. We took our savings and bought a franchise. In 2010 I retired from teaching school. Diabetes and the direction of education in North Carolina were the causes of my early retirement. I also thought that with my help, our struggling business might improve. Alas our efforts failed and the business was closed after two years. We could not make enough money to support ourselves in this economy.

Illusions: A Republic Lost

We had time and no money, so we became political. We learned why the economy was not improving and how important the future of America is. We are living in the last third of our lives. We have a daughter and granddaughter. What legacy are we leaving our children? These fears are the cause of my dreams and the reason I wrote Illusions: A Republic Lost.

I took a break from the writing the book to volunteer for the Republican Party of Mecklenburg County. I spent hours on the phone calling people to encourage them to vote. Sometimes we surveyed people to find out how they were thinking.  That was interesting. Some did not care or thought that their one vote did little. Many were afraid of the future if we re-elected our current president.  There were some that molded the title of my book because they seemed disillusioned by the promises that would never be kept by our leaders.

I cannot see a brighter side in the near future and need help doing so. I am a thinker and a doer.  Is anyone seeing a brighter future than me?

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