Education and An Open Door

My pursuits and errands continue to show me how uninformed many people are. It is not always their fault; the economy has cost many jobs and people continue to struggle.

For example, Swiss Farms opened not far from my neighborhood. When it did I wondered why they chose the location they did, competing with two major grocery stores and a couple of gas station shops. I figured they did the research and had enough capital to work it out. However, four months later it was closed. Four months! That is ridiculously short.

We had to close our business after two years and I thought that was quick too. Major box stores like CircuitCity, Toys R Us, and Best Buy have been shutting down specific locations and minimizing the footprint of local businesses in our city.

Jobs also suffer when large companies hold majority control in a place. My husband applied for a permanent part time job for new store opening. Does any one remember full time jobs, plus retirement and health care to go with them? I do. The best times that we had economically in my time were when Reagan was president. Clinton did better in his second term and things were alright then. (Although I didn’t care for his ethics)

Working part time at an NFL stadium I have meet several young people who held two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet. They are frustrated and exhausted but happy that they have jobs at all. Like me they know many people in real financial trouble.

I feel that education is the most important way to counteract struggle with finances and employment. At my gym, there was a lady who had no clue that the US is owned primarily by Luxemburg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, and China. If one of these called in their loan we would be in big trouble. Many economists believe we are heading for Federal Bankruptcy which will bring our country down.

In my book the father tells his daughter that knowledge is power. In Illusions: A Republic Lost, socialism, America’s bankruptcy, and defense cuts, open our doors for Radical Islam and other anti-American groups to take control of our country. The story is fictional but could happen if our leaders don’t get this right.

It is smart to keep yourself apprised of our financial world because it does affect you personally. Education is power.

Illusions: A Republic Lost

My hope is that Illusions: A Republic Lost will shed some light on one possible future of America and encourage people to remain educated.. America doesn’t have to fail. Cutting wasteful spending, paying down our $ 17 trillion in debt, and just balancing the budget would be great first steps. It makes sense to me.

What do you think about the state of our nation, employment and federal spending?

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