Socialism in our Future?

When I was working on Illusions A Republic Lost I was inspired by current events (economy, security, and direction).  My family’s personal experience resulted in being downgraded from upper middle class to lower middle class, maybe working class. I disdain the use of the word ‘class’ but use the word to differentiate income not people.

 As a result of our economic status, I was encapsulated in a world of my own.  I found myself remembering my youth. My grandparents had lived through the great depression and they shared many stories. One only bought the necessities. Clothes were shared and handed down. My daddy had two sets of clothing for school. When he wore one, the other was being washed. Granaline, my grandmother, told me about their meals. Often they ate cornbread, liver mush and peas.

 Eleven years later WWII became a reality and another alteration loomed in the horizon. After the Great Depression when people were mending and feeling more secure the future again blurred. The ravages of war became a reality.  My father went to war leaving my mother and sister behind.

Later when I was born, our family had become stronger, safer and more secure. They were healing from before. My grandparents lived with us in our country home. As a child I always wanted the childhood that I describe in Illusions, but did not have it. We didn’t completely heal from war and its consequences. My mother became an alcoholic and we were a dysfunctional family.

 Jessie in Illusions enjoyed some things I never had-flavored with an unpromising future because of our leaders:   

       I remember my room fondly. It was pale green and had white eyelet curtains at my one window. My bed was under the window and I could look up and see the curtains billow out during the summer nights when the windows were open. Mama also lined the windows with vines that seemed to grow by themselves and each year she trimmed them back.

 A friend asked me if these pages were from my childhood. They were what I wished my childhood had been.

 As I worked through Jessie’s childhood it did not remain happy as the United States began its downward spiral into Socialism:

         In March of 2020 the President argued with members of congress about population control.  During the arguments in congress people wrote letters to their Senators and drove to Washington DC with signs about free enterprise, employment and competition to improve the economy and signs about personal rights. The president shut them up with police and guns. Around the nation citizens cried foul! Riots started and our citizens fought against the socialistic regime. Executive order #649327 was issued without congressional approval. As of October 2020, no families were to plan more than one child.

128942-HART-soft-LSI I watched the news and kept track of the executive orders. I watched The Affordable Care Act slam through Congress without anyone knowing what was in this law. The administration covered up its realities so well that 42% of Americans do not realize that it is law now. Taxes and fees have been administered and health care is loosing ground.

These things brought stimulus to my book and I imagined what might happen in this country if this sort of thing continues.

 What do you imagine the future to look like if current conditions continue?

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