The Romance of Crete

When we ride our Harley I see, smell, and hear life around me. I feel blessed and honored that our creator loved us enough to sacrifice for us.

Cretan Chronicles

March 20th 2013 – I’m sitting in a shady spot on a stone wall in the Agia Triada monastery courtyard.  After the short, easy 15-minute bike ride to this peaceful green oasis I wonder why I don’t do this more often.  I’ve been here many too many times to count but usually, on a nice warm day the sea beckons me and I find myself on the beach instead.  Not too bad a dilemma, I know.

Today I find my favorite shady spot to do some reflection and writing.  I have my favorite sunny bench, too, but anywhere within these ancient walls is a good place to sit among the scores of potted flowers, blooming fruit trees and cheerful birds.  And, of course, there’s always a stray cat (or ten) looking for a lap to sit in.  Unlike the harsh world outside these walls, the strays are taken care of…

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