Affordable Care Act

ImageThe Congressional Budget Office estimates that 7 million Americans will lose their coverage because of Obamacare. North Carolina Congressman Pittenger reports that Blue Cross Blue Shield has announced a 284 % increase for some North Carolina insurance premiums also due to Obamacare. Small business owners are concerned that costly Obamacare regulations will drive them out of business. So can someone explain the word affordable in Affordable Care Act? 

I am concerned for two reasons: first most of us can not afford a 284 percent increase on middle income or retirement income.  Secondly I do not want federal help.  I understand that if you make a certain amount of money you will be able to receive funding from the government to assist  you in paying these steep premiums. In my opinion, it is another way for the government to control us. The government takes more and more control of our lives each day. Our government tells us what we can eat, how we should protect ourselves, what kind of healthcare we are allowed to have, and even legislates our morality.

As an American, I do not want the federal supplement. I started working when I was thirteen. From the beginning I have been independent, working my way through college, starting a career at the bottom of the ladder and living in a small one bedroom apartment using the coffee table for dining.  Many people start out this way. I believe most Americans want an independent society not socialism.

In congress, a legislative bill is being prepared to repeal Obamacare. With all the negative and costly changes that Obamacare has brought us I think this is a good idea. 

If healthcare for the uninsured is something we need, let’s start over with a plan that does not hurt more people than it helps. Research the information on Obamacare and send your congressman an email or letter and support the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.


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