The Grueling Gargantuan Government


‘America’ (Photo credit: stevecadman)

Yes, our founding fathers knew that an imperial government would never listen to the needs of those whose lives and businesses oiled the wheels of the economy. Only the people could insure the continued growth and security within our national borders. They knew that a democratic society with representation from the people was the way to go. Colonial people had a voice in their new government. The happiness of the people drove the government in the direction it needed. There was greed, but most of it lay with the rich and the British Imperialists. Eventually, the colonists refused to let the latter have any voice. 

Now we have the kind of government our forefathers sought to avoid. We have a social democracy where nearly half of our population receives entitlements. They are not encouraged to seek education, start a business, or take a job. They believe the government will take care of them. So why work? Will our government help the poor survive the current economic maelstrom?

This maelstrom is fueled by deficit spending, treating terrorism as workplace violence, and an unbalanced budget followed by the perfect storm to hit us March 1st: Obamacare. Obamacare will bankrupt America.

What are our choices? We need a smaller government. In the past churches helped those in need of clothing, food, or jobs. Now they do some of this but they also spend a great deal of their money on the poor in foreign countries. We need it here. Could we not take care of poverty through our faith and private enterprise?

Greed is the root of our problem. When an organization or business gets greedy they want the money all to themselves. They do not sense the responsibility of helping others because of the greed that chokes them. Greed may be the downfall of America.