Socialism at its Best

Our President has smartly driven Americans apart, made promises on the backs of entitlements, and created an embattled budget that will drive America into bankruptcy. His socialistic tools are Obama care, The National Debt, extreme Government control over our earnings, our health, and our security, and lastly disavowing the Constitution of the United States.  

He has driven Americans apart with his pledges to attack income inequality. His version of this is to entitle those who are have-nots. But true Americans understand it is not the Haves versus the Have-nots. It is a division between those who work and those who don’t. It is a division between those who make the correct choices and those who do not. For example, those who go to college, get a degree, and graduate, will earn more than those who do not.   Women who have children within the arms of marriage will have more than those who have children out-of-wedlock. Those who work hard and make the right choices earn more than those who do not.

Now our President is driving many Americans into the have not category without their having any choice which is a right!.  According to the OBM, 2.5 million jobs will be lost due to Obama care. More will be dependent on the government, unable to drive themselves forward and out of the lower level of the financial basement. He is taking away our freedoms.

Socrates said keep them hungry but don’t let them starve. Is this Obama’s Plan?

In Illuisons A Republic Lost A young girl experiences a bankrupted country, wearies from the emptiness of freedoms lost, and realizes that America is a lost republic.

Illusions: A Republic Lost


On History


Portrait of Thomas Paine by Matthew Pratt, 178...

Portrait of Thomas Paine by Matthew Pratt, 1785–1795 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History has its attractions: it is genuinely interesting, it shows the innate strengths and weaknesses of human behavior, and it repeats its truths. History is no longer taught in schools. It is combined with social studies in elementary school and the entire story in history is not retold.

Should we not learn what drove people to war, how dictators gain power, and how a weak economy affects the direction of politics?

A friend in Virginia suggested that I revisit Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Thomas Paine talks about the importance of limited government. His pamphlet was written at a time when colonists were burdened and constrained by a government 3000 miles away. One might find some commonalties between 1776 and 2013.

Paine wrote “I draw my idea of the form of government from a principle in nature, which no art can overturn, viz, that the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.”

He was talking about limited government. When a government becomes too complex and demands more control over its citizens, it is not the kind of government our forefather’s designed when they wrote the Constitution of the United States.

Texas Representative Ron Paul discusses the need for a more limited government in current terms and like Thomas Paine in 1776, Representative Ron Paul is right on.

Socialism in our Future?

When I was working on Illusions A Republic Lost I was inspired by current events (economy, security, and direction).  My family’s personal experience resulted in being downgraded from upper middle class to lower middle class, maybe working class. I disdain the use of the word ‘class’ but use the word to differentiate income not people.

 As a result of our economic status, I was encapsulated in a world of my own.  I found myself remembering my youth. My grandparents had lived through the great depression and they shared many stories. One only bought the necessities. Clothes were shared and handed down. My daddy had two sets of clothing for school. When he wore one, the other was being washed. Granaline, my grandmother, told me about their meals. Often they ate cornbread, liver mush and peas.

 Eleven years later WWII became a reality and another alteration loomed in the horizon. After the Great Depression when people were mending and feeling more secure the future again blurred. The ravages of war became a reality.  My father went to war leaving my mother and sister behind.

Later when I was born, our family had become stronger, safer and more secure. They were healing from before. My grandparents lived with us in our country home. As a child I always wanted the childhood that I describe in Illusions, but did not have it. We didn’t completely heal from war and its consequences. My mother became an alcoholic and we were a dysfunctional family.

 Jessie in Illusions enjoyed some things I never had-flavored with an unpromising future because of our leaders:   

       I remember my room fondly. It was pale green and had white eyelet curtains at my one window. My bed was under the window and I could look up and see the curtains billow out during the summer nights when the windows were open. Mama also lined the windows with vines that seemed to grow by themselves and each year she trimmed them back.

 A friend asked me if these pages were from my childhood. They were what I wished my childhood had been.

 As I worked through Jessie’s childhood it did not remain happy as the United States began its downward spiral into Socialism:

         In March of 2020 the President argued with members of congress about population control.  During the arguments in congress people wrote letters to their Senators and drove to Washington DC with signs about free enterprise, employment and competition to improve the economy and signs about personal rights. The president shut them up with police and guns. Around the nation citizens cried foul! Riots started and our citizens fought against the socialistic regime. Executive order #649327 was issued without congressional approval. As of October 2020, no families were to plan more than one child.

128942-HART-soft-LSI I watched the news and kept track of the executive orders. I watched The Affordable Care Act slam through Congress without anyone knowing what was in this law. The administration covered up its realities so well that 42% of Americans do not realize that it is law now. Taxes and fees have been administered and health care is loosing ground.

These things brought stimulus to my book and I imagined what might happen in this country if this sort of thing continues.

 What do you imagine the future to look like if current conditions continue?

Education and An Open Door

My pursuits and errands continue to show me how uninformed many people are. It is not always their fault; the economy has cost many jobs and people continue to struggle.

For example, Swiss Farms opened not far from my neighborhood. When it did I wondered why they chose the location they did, competing with two major grocery stores and a couple of gas station shops. I figured they did the research and had enough capital to work it out. However, four months later it was closed. Four months! That is ridiculously short.

We had to close our business after two years and I thought that was quick too. Major box stores like CircuitCity, Toys R Us, and Best Buy have been shutting down specific locations and minimizing the footprint of local businesses in our city.

Jobs also suffer when large companies hold majority control in a place. My husband applied for a permanent part time job for new store opening. Does any one remember full time jobs, plus retirement and health care to go with them? I do. The best times that we had economically in my time were when Reagan was president. Clinton did better in his second term and things were alright then. (Although I didn’t care for his ethics)

Working part time at an NFL stadium I have meet several young people who held two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet. They are frustrated and exhausted but happy that they have jobs at all. Like me they know many people in real financial trouble.

I feel that education is the most important way to counteract struggle with finances and employment. At my gym, there was a lady who had no clue that the US is owned primarily by Luxemburg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, and China. If one of these called in their loan we would be in big trouble. Many economists believe we are heading for Federal Bankruptcy which will bring our country down.

In my book the father tells his daughter that knowledge is power. In Illusions: A Republic Lost, socialism, America’s bankruptcy, and defense cuts, open our doors for Radical Islam and other anti-American groups to take control of our country. The story is fictional but could happen if our leaders don’t get this right.

It is smart to keep yourself apprised of our financial world because it does affect you personally. Education is power.

Illusions: A Republic Lost

My hope is that Illusions: A Republic Lost will shed some light on one possible future of America and encourage people to remain educated.. America doesn’t have to fail. Cutting wasteful spending, paying down our $ 17 trillion in debt, and just balancing the budget would be great first steps. It makes sense to me.

What do you think about the state of our nation, employment and federal spending?

Brain Swimming

         ??????????????????????????????????????    Brain Swimming is a sport taken on by individuals who are burdened by worry and major decisions that must be made when one is in financial trouble. All of a sudden you have no money and a great deal of time on your hands. If you were working like you wanted and were able to, then you wouldn’t have any extra time for worrying, right?

         I have worked since I was 14, nearly forty-eight years! You know how it is, get up, shower and put your face on, get kids up and dressed, feed them, check book bags, pack lunches and get them to the bus stop, drive to work and do the grind responsibly for eight hours (now its more like ten), pick up kids from daycare, make sure they get to ballet or soccer or whatever; then go home to fix dinner, go over homework, get them clean and in bed, after which you do laundry, grade papers, make lesson plans and on and on until 11 p.m. or 12 p.m., finally sinking in bed for a wonderful six hours of sleep, knowing that it all will begin again shortly. There doesn’t seem much time for intimacy or just reading a good book. That is why we take vacations to get away from the grind.

         Unfortunately in 2009 my husband lost his job at the age of 59. Fifty-nine is not a good age to lose your job. In 2010 I had a bout of hypoglycemia and was left in the care of third graders because no adult could come relieve me. The American for Disabilities Act requires that diabetics be allowed fifteen minutes to take care of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.  This was a recent addition to the disabilities act and I was unaware of it.

So in 2010 I retired for my health.

         This is when I began brain swimming. I had major dreams and an unbelievable memory of them. My dreams were about money and the lack of it both personally and in our country. I looked at the reason that my husband lost his job and why he could not find a new one. Why had the school system ignored my health needs? The answers to these questions became certain because I had time to research them, talk to people about them and think about them nearly all of the time. Then those dreams began running in my head like movies.

         That is when I wondered if I could represent the USA in Olympic Brain Swimming. Of course not, but I could write and I did. Therein was the birth of Illusions, A Republic Lost.