Obamacare Slavery

That is what it is-slavery. We have no freedom to choose our healthcare any longer. Because of Obama care we are forced to take a silver, gold or bronze plan. The old plans that suited us just perfectly are gone; not available, adiós.

We are on a fixed income, early social security and one pension. My husband’s current insurance premium is $335.50 per month, barely affordable. The new Obama care plan which closely mirrors his old plan has a premium of $662.02, a 97 percent increase.

The catastrophic plan they offer has a $ 6500 deductible and its premium is $472 or a 40 percent increase. No, we are not eligible for the subsidy.

The argument in Congress is a valid one. Our president wants to hamstring the middle class and place everyone on equal status with the working class.  We were once working class but moved up with our careers to a secure and comfortable upper middle class status. The economy supported by this administration to provide subsidies and welfare programs has destroyed our well-being. Now we are where Obama wants us: dependant, subsidized, and in need of a powerful government to take care of us.

In 1776 the new American people established a moderate government because they no longer wanted to be ruled by a King and his personal agenda. Revolt! Do not succumb to this servitude!

We told our insurance provider that we could not afford either plan. We said good-bye and will seek quotes from other insurers.

Oh by the way be ready to stay on hold. We could not apply online for his new policy. Our Insurer’s website on October 1, 2013 continued to show the old plans like the advantage plan 2 for $310.00 a month which was perfect for us.