Socialism at its Best

Our President has smartly driven Americans apart, made promises on the backs of entitlements, and created an embattled budget that will drive America into bankruptcy. His socialistic tools are Obama care, The National Debt, extreme Government control over our earnings, our health, and our security, and lastly disavowing the Constitution of the United States.  

He has driven Americans apart with his pledges to attack income inequality. His version of this is to entitle those who are have-nots. But true Americans understand it is not the Haves versus the Have-nots. It is a division between those who work and those who don’t. It is a division between those who make the correct choices and those who do not. For example, those who go to college, get a degree, and graduate, will earn more than those who do not.   Women who have children within the arms of marriage will have more than those who have children out-of-wedlock. Those who work hard and make the right choices earn more than those who do not.

Now our President is driving many Americans into the have not category without their having any choice which is a right!.  According to the OBM, 2.5 million jobs will be lost due to Obama care. More will be dependent on the government, unable to drive themselves forward and out of the lower level of the financial basement. He is taking away our freedoms.

Socrates said keep them hungry but don’t let them starve. Is this Obama’s Plan?

In Illuisons A Republic Lost A young girl experiences a bankrupted country, wearies from the emptiness of freedoms lost, and realizes that America is a lost republic.

Illusions: A Republic Lost


Down in the Ditch

Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court

Obamacare Protest at Supreme Court (Photo credit: southerntabitha)

There has been much happening enough to keep me away but I cannot stay away any longer.

       President Obama has lost his appeal and the Affordable Care Act may have been his undoing. Strange that it wasn’t his lack of support for our true ally, Israel, or his knowledge of the IRS scandal, or the dragging dull economy, or the lack of respect the US has now because of the President’s decisions, or even the current NSA situation. A Federal Judge has presented the NSA with the charge of potential illegitimacy of metadata and its infringement on the 4th amendment.

       No, the rising cost of healthcare through the Affordable Care Act and the dangerous outcomes from its regulations will keep this administration in the ditch. These include greater US debt, burdening the healthy to pay for the poor and sick, loss of doctors, and a greater divide between the rich and the poor by the type of healthcare they can afford.  The biggest fact is how it hits the pocketbooks of individuals in a big way during a soft unpredictable economy.

     The good thing is that the judicial arm of our government is doing the right thing. If the government’s power is not balanced as planned by our forefathers we are in for a dictatorship.


Obamacare Slavery

That is what it is-slavery. We have no freedom to choose our healthcare any longer. Because of Obama care we are forced to take a silver, gold or bronze plan. The old plans that suited us just perfectly are gone; not available, adiós.

We are on a fixed income, early social security and one pension. My husband’s current insurance premium is $335.50 per month, barely affordable. The new Obama care plan which closely mirrors his old plan has a premium of $662.02, a 97 percent increase.

The catastrophic plan they offer has a $ 6500 deductible and its premium is $472 or a 40 percent increase. No, we are not eligible for the subsidy.

The argument in Congress is a valid one. Our president wants to hamstring the middle class and place everyone on equal status with the working class.  We were once working class but moved up with our careers to a secure and comfortable upper middle class status. The economy supported by this administration to provide subsidies and welfare programs has destroyed our well-being. Now we are where Obama wants us: dependant, subsidized, and in need of a powerful government to take care of us.

In 1776 the new American people established a moderate government because they no longer wanted to be ruled by a King and his personal agenda. Revolt! Do not succumb to this servitude!

We told our insurance provider that we could not afford either plan. We said good-bye and will seek quotes from other insurers.

Oh by the way be ready to stay on hold. We could not apply online for his new policy. Our Insurer’s website on October 1, 2013 continued to show the old plans like the advantage plan 2 for $310.00 a month which was perfect for us.  

Rolling Thunder

Sounds like I am talking about a train or possibly dark billowing thunder clouds planning their onslaught, doesn’t it? No, not trains or clouds, but motorcycles making their annual run to the wall on Memorial Day weekend in Washington, DC.Rolling Thunder 2012 009

We left last Thursday for Washington, D.C.  Each year we return at this time to honor those veterans left behind and continue a demonstration that was started back in 1988. 

In 1987 former Marine, Corporal Manco learned at the Viet Nam Wall that many POW’s and MIA’s were left behind during the Viet Nam War. He attended a POW/MIA vigil sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. The idea came to him then that he should host a motorcycle rally in the nation’s capitol to show the world that the U.S. prisoners or war and missing in action should never be forgotten.

With U.S. Army Sergeant Major John Holland (ret), Marine First Sergeant Walt Sides (ret), and Sergeant Ted Sampley (ret), Manco started the first protest ride to the wall.

That first rally in 1988 was attended by 25000 men and women.

The May 2001 rally received an estimated count of 200,000 motorcyclists.

In 2008 there were 350,000 motorcycles on the ride to the wall

Last year (2012) was the 25th anniversary of Rolling Thunder which hosted 500,000 motorcyclists.

 So this year we eagerly returned. I give up my seat and my helmet so that a mother of a fallen soldier can ride with John in the parade. Rolling Thunder 2012We have met people from all over America: from the four corners of our country, veteran and not. Each year it grows. Rolling Thunder has turned into a venerable Memorial Day Event.

Bikes stage in two or three Pentagon lots sometimes spilling over into a third overflow lot. The wait starts at 5 a.m. in the morning until kickstands up at noon.

At the start there is a rolling thunder as the pipes sing their powerful music. The parade begins with the history of the protest shown through banners and flags as well as decorated bikes. The event managers and coordinators plus special guests are in the front. Soon after come the Gold Star Mothers riding with Patriot Guard Motorcyclists. The streets are cleared for safety.

As the motorcycles rumble down Constitution Avenue people are lined up on both sides of the street waving small American Flags and enjoying the motorcycles.

We return to our hotel exhausted and happy. One veteran rider claims, “Mission Accomplished”, and we raise our glasses in salute to our fallen heroes.